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Roscoe's President uses veto to nix board's hiring of a Village Administrator

Roscoe's Village President formally submits a resolution to veto the Board of Trustees' pick for Village Administrator.

The board recently approved the hiring of Patrick DeGrave.

Thursday night, Village President David Krienke submitted a letter to the board.  The resolution was read aloud.

In it, Krienke detailed how the hiring of DeGrave would cost the Village more than $250,000 over the next two years.  A financial burden, Krienke said, that was not fiscally responsible.

"We're unsure of our financial picture for next year," said Krienke.  "We haven't done our budget.  We're not even sure if we can fully fund this position next year."

All but one of the trustees voted in favor of DeGrave's hiring.  At Thursday's board meeting, trustees approved office equipment and other supplies necessary for the Village Administrator position.

Those trustees plan to override the president's veto.

"A village of a budget of over $5 million dollars requires someone of professional understanding to run the day to day operations," said Trustee Kevin Muradian.  "We fully expect to override the veto at the next board meeting."

The next board meeting is set for Nov. 6.

If the trustees override the president's veto, they can take action immediately to create DeGrave's position.
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