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Digging Deeper: A look at the statewide advisory questions to appear on Illinois ballot


A statewide advisory question is non-binding, meaning the outcome of the vote will not necessarily result in any new law.

So why have them? Our area lawmakers have decidedly different views on that question.

34th District State Senator Steve Stadelman says "I think we want to encourage people to take part in the political process and go to the polls. If there's a particular issue that piques their interest or provides motivation for them to get to the polls, that's a good thing. That's what this country is all about taking part in the process."

35th District State Senator Dave Syverson is skeptical of the advisory questions: "Clearly, these are all meant to be political. These are all meant to drive people out to the polls and they have no impact."

One advisory question asks whether the state's minimum wage should be raised to $10 an hour. A second question asks whether any health insurance plan that includes prescription drug coverage should be required to provide birth control as part of the coverage. The third advisory question proposes raising income taxes on millionaires with the additional revenue going to public education.

Stadelman says "I really do think lawmakers look at the results of the referendums and it will help influence their decisiuon as far as whether they support a particular issue."

Syverson disagrees: "People died so we could have the right to vote. The ballot should really be held to a higher standard than to be used for political reasons."

Election day is November 4th.

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