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Notes sent home from school are causing parents to use caution

WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WREX) - While the occasional cough and sniffles may not typically trigger a parent to keep their kids home, concerns over the latest respiratory virus spreading around the Midwest may.

Several area school districts have sent home letters to parents, warning them to take precautions against Enterovirus D-68.

Doctors say symptoms can act like the common cold.

Everything from a runny nose, cough and even shortness of breath can effect victims.

These letters ask parents to keep kids home in efforts to not spread the sickness.

Floding Boys and Girls Club Director Derek Papich, says kids are always sharing germs, and it's a good idea to caution before sending students to school.

"If you send your child to the boys and girls club or to school sick, of course that just spreads. We've had years when that happens and we've had a large population out."

One Pecatonica mom kept her boys home because of letters like these.

"The note was a main reason why I kept my son home today, and even though, he does not have a fever, He does have a cough and a runny nose." Angie Sakolari, mom of three said.

Our facebook page saw many comments of parents keeping their children home from school after notes like these.

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