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New type of mental illness clinic to join Rockford

ROCKFORD (WREX) - Area residents needing immediate psychiatric help can get it all under one roof in Rockford.

Roscerance Mulberry Center works like a behavioral health emergency room.

It will offer immediate evaluations, screenings, referrals and a short-term residential unit for further stabilization.

The hope being is these patients can continue their recovery at at home.

It will be able to service 12 patients at a time for up to two weeks.

Group counseling, medical monitoring, and nursing are available to these patients.

"Any time you can avoid hospitalization, psychiatric hospitalization, it's a good thing, Robin Garvey, NAMI former president, said.

"Hospitalization is always traumatic for people, even if they're going by choice. It's always traumatic."

The residential unit will also offer detox for patients.

The center will officially open Oct. 6th and it's available 24/7.

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