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Rescue walk hopes to help area sex trafficking victims

Prostitution related arrests in Rockford are up almost 75 percent compared to this time last year.

That's according to police.

One reason for that up tick is a growth in sex trafficking.

Around the globe, it's estimated 27 million people are trafficked every day.

That's greater than the population of Texas.

Here in the states, about 5 million people are trafficked.

"I've heard of sex traffickers who were trafficked 50 times a day everyday," Rescue Walk organizer, Nick Durick said.

Durick sells cars for a profession, but his true passion is helping those enslaved by sex trafficking.

"These are people whose lives have literally been taken from them," Durick said.

For the past few years, he's worked with Z
oe international.

Its mission is to take people out of the sex trade and help heal those stripped of a normal life and of their dignity.

It's a global problem that is making its way to Rockford.

Officials say this region is seeing an increase in this type of sexual exploitation.

Cities like Rockford become hubs for it because of their heavy population and proximity to other big cities.

Traffickers work out of homes, hotels, and even businesses like massage parlors or lingerie shops.

Durick decided to bring the Zoe Rescue Walk to Rockford.

Zoe International will provide funds raised from this walk to a local organization that fights sexual exploitation. 

This organization works alongside police to track down these criminals and save these victims.

Durick hopes this walk will help give these victims hope.

"Children are meant to have fun and play, dream not dread," Durick said.

For more information on how to sign up for the walk or donate head to

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