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Parents can help high school seniors stress less


High school graduation is still months away, but life after high school is something some seniors are already stressing over.

They are doing it, all while tackling school, sports, and extra-curricular's.
If students plan to attend college, Rockford Public School counselors say applying needs to start now.

Early research gives students a better grasp on what options suit them best.

More financial aid is available now, and getting more money can help students relax about their options.

Parent involvement is also crucial in easing the transition.

"Listen to the things they are anxious about because sometimes it's just where should I apply for or Can we afford this?" East High school Profession Counselor, Jean Skadeland.

"And just peel it back one at a time."

For those seniors looking to further their education, Rock Valley College is hosting a college night with over 100 different schools.

That's on October 8th.

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