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Janesville School District introduces 'casualty kits'


Officials at the Janesville School District say they hope its staff won't have to use some new skills they just learned, but the skills will be useful just in case.

The district is introducing "casualty kits" in the classroom and teaching all 1,200 school officials how to apply tourniquets and treat victims in medical emergency situations, including school shootings.

The school district has teamed up with the Janesville police and fire departments to provide the kits to the schools.

"We want to make sure our staff has the tools and the training they need, if it was needed, to possibly save lives that they will have the skills to do so," Yolanda Cargile of the Janesville School District says.

An official with Mercy Health System says the kit, which can be used by anyone, would also be helpful in the event of a tornado or explosion.

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