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A Rockford group that focuses on helping others receives a large donation

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The Rockford Rescue Mission gets a big grant to help their cause.

It costs the mission $2 to make each meal.  So imagine their excitement when they got a $10,000 donations recently.

"It goes right to the heart of what we do," said Chris Eldridge, director of operations at the Rockford Rescue Mission.

He's thankful General Mills chose his agency for this big donation. They're going to put it all into their food program.

"Last year alone, we served 165,000 meals," said Eldridge. "We serve about 500 meals a day here through breakfast, lunch and dinner."

The homeless, or just people in hard times, no one is turned away from the table.

"Overall to run the mission it takes about $13,000 a day to feed and house all the different people that come to us," said Eldridge.

Because he said in the end, getting those in need back on track, all starts with a meal.

"If they're hungry, they won't listen," said Eldridge. "If they're hungry, they can't speak. A meal has got to be there. We have got to be able to start by sitting someone down and calming them down and getting them thinking straight."

Eldridge said they couldn't have kept things going for the past 50 years without the kindness of donors.

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