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University smoking ban gets mixed reviews among those directly affected

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Smoking on college campuses is soon to be a thing of the past in Illinois. Governor

Quinn signed a bill banning smoking across state campuses by next school year.

As students are moving in to NIU dorms, faculty is worried about something else.

"Okay, changes have to be made, upon myself, " Donna Siegmeier is a receptionist at NIU.

She's smoking on campus today, but at this time next year, it will be illegal.

"It will be very challenging, especially for the students that come and go, because they're going to school, and it's very stressful," Siegmeier says.

She thinks it's a wise decision, in fact, she's already started cutting back.

But, student Bob Feltman doesn't plan do that. He's in his last year at NIU.

He says college is stressful and he should be able to light up wherever he wants.

"There's a lot of deadlines and late nights, and cigarettes are kind of a refuge for students," Feltman says.

He says quitting anything has to be on your own terms.

"This ban isn't going to prevent people from smoking," he says. "People are going to smoke on the side of the building, in between, in a bush somewhere, you know, wherever they can."

But some say the ban might get people thinking about what they are putting into their body.

Staff members say they want to start working on a plan to implement the ban at NIU next semester.

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