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Former Sweden House Lodge opens under new name, management


Nearly a year and a half after being condemned by the city of Rockford, it appears an iconic East side motel is about to reopen under a new name and new management.

Signs in front of the former Sweden House Lodge at 4605 E. State St. said the new business will be called the Quality Lodge.

There are grand opening signs outside the building that don't specify an exact date or time.

A man identifying himself as a Quality Lodge employee says he expects the motel will reopen within the next two weeks after the building passes inspection.

Tenth Ward Rockford Alderman Frank Beach says the motel's reopening is welcome news for the city.

"It means another vacant building is now going to be used and occupied. It means hopefully sales tax revenue, property tax revenue begin to flow into the community and that's a good thing," says Beach.

Rockford's Director of Community and Economic Development Todd Cagnoni identifies the new owner of the motel as Kal Patel.

Cagnoni says the new owner is in the process of getting inspections completed from the health department, fire department and the city's Construction and Development Service Division.

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