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Annie's Locker donates shoes to Rockford children in need


13 News told you last week about the more than 2,000 Rockford students who will be heading back to school homeless, many without proper supplies for the school year. One organization is trying to help these kids take a step in the right direction.

Annie's Locker, a Rockford non-profit, has the goal of donating gym shoes for those students in need.

The organization attended King Elementary's registration to size students' feet. Every foot fitted will hopefully be paired with a new set of gym shoes come September.

"We are trying to raise money so we can purchase 900 pairs of gym shoes for these kids at three schools where 95 percent are low poverty," says Terri Watson, a volunteer at Annie's Locker.

Danyale Nolan, a King Elementary parent of three, sees the need. She says a new pair of sneakers could mean everything for these kids.

"Anything new they are excited about," Nolan says.

She believes it kick-starts something inside of them.

"As far as morality, as far as confidence, it boosts everything. They don't feel like they are left out of anything."

Annie's Locker organizers hope these shoes will not only put kids back in gym, but keep them active.

"If you teach them young, imagine what they can do. And it gets their energy up so they will stay involved in sports and school and out of trouble," says Watson.

Annie's Locker is also sizing children at Beyer and Lewis Lemon Elementary until 7 p.m. You can donate money or new shoes to help the cause. For more information, click here.

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