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RFD makes recommendations after delayed ambulance response to murder scene


The Rockford Fire Department announced new recommendations to help ambulance response times in the wake of a May 26 incident where emergency personnel took almost 30 minutes to get to a shooting victim.

The department released a statement documenting six recommendations to help private ambulance companies get to incidents quicker and with less confusion.

Those recommendations include:

— Requiring operators of licensed ALS ambulance services that provide back-up coverage for the RFD to complete a driver safety course, including how to properly operate emergency vehicles, as well as map book training;
— Private ambulance providers will install and use Automatic Vehicle Locators (AVL) in all ambulances, allowing the dispatch centers to track their location.
— RFD will provide ambulance companies with the numeric address, street name, and Rockford map page reference for all incidents. The respondents will read the information back to dispatch and confirm the correctness of the information;
— RFD will formalize agreements with private ambulance service providers to include conflict resolution and clear expectations of response capabilities
— Private ambulance companies will continually monitor radio traffic and respond when contacted on the assigned Rockford Fire channel until the call is completed;
— RFD will provide annual updates on the map books to the private ambulance providers.

This comes after an investigation into the May 26 incident after 21-year-old Andrew Barth lost his life in a shooting, despite it happening near SwedishAmerican Hospital.

According to a timeline provided by the Rockford Fire Department, a private ambulance was dispatched on behalf of Barth at 512 Pearl St. at 1:18 p.m. The fire administration says that afternoon, other ambulance companies were tied up at other emergencies. The ambulance that responded to the incident came from OSF. It took almost 30 minutes to get to Barth, and 36 minutes for emergency personnel to get him to the hospital.

While that ambulance was en route, two other ambulances were also dispatched. One went to the wrong Pearl St. The other was canceled from the call by RFD.

Barth's father, Tim, appeared before Rockford City Council a week later to bring attention to the response times, as well as the increase in violent crimes in the area.

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