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Campaign strategies for IL governor hopefuls


On Tuesday, the candidates for Illinois Governor, Democratic incumbent Governor Pat Quinn and his opponent, Republican businessman Bruce Rauner, released their campaign finance reports.

Those reports show that while Rauner raised more money, Quinn has more money to spend. However, that could be because Rauner has already launched TV ads, while Quinn has not.

Rock Valley College Political Science Professor P.S. Ruckman says that's not a surprise.

"(Rauner) is more on the attack but he's not the incumbent," said Ruckman. "So that's kind of what you'd expect."

Ruckman says political ads seem to start earlier and earlier prior to an election, but he doesn't think Quinn is in any rush to get TV ads running.

"For Quinn, this is a time to raise money, put a campaign together and just be calm," he said.

Ruckman says we could potentially start seeing more ads for Quinn once his team sees evidence that Rauner's ads are impacting voters.
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