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Rosecrance hosts camps to support children's emotional well-being

Rosecrance is hosting what it calls wellness camps.

Counselors say its a structured time dedicated not only for fun, but also personal growth.

Running, throwing and just having fun-seems typical of a summer camp.

But at the heart of this wellness camp run out of Rosecrance in Rockford, it's much more than just fun and games.

"We are able to celebrate people's differences and not have it be like well you have this mental health disorder and you are a little different than other campers, so you can't come," Rosecrance camp director, Kari Moll said.

The camps tailor to children and teens who may struggle socially and emotionally--something Veronica Gonzalez is all too familiar with.

"He was kind of hyper, running around, throwing things and just not knowing what to do," Gonzalez said.

Her son, Jesus, like many here, struggles with ADHD.

Because of it, he has a hard time interacting with other kids his age, even his own siblings, but attending these camps opened a door for him.

"He was happy because he made friends," Gonzalez said.

"He wanted to play all these games when he got home and do all these crafts with his siblings and i was so excited about it."

Bridging that gap and helping build lasting relationships is key to effectively building up a child's emotional well-being according to Roscerance.

"they see that they've not the only person struggling with the issues. It kind of makes them feel like there's someone else that can they can talk to. There is somebody else that's going through what i'm going through. It's like social-connectiveness they're able to see how other people are able to deal with what's going on as well," Moll said.

Rosecrance says due to the current success of the summer wellness camps, it is looking into starting some fall and winter camps as well.

For more information on how to get involved, call Rosecrance at (815) 391-1000.
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