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Rockford man targeted in mass tax scam


Tax season is long gone, but scammers are still trying to use it as an excuse to take your money.

The Better Business Bureau says its been flooded with calls complaining about scammers posing as IRS agents. The con-artists tell the people they haven't paid taxes for several years and face penalties.

Thousands of people across the country have fallen victim to this scam and lost a combined $1 million.

Rockford resident, John Strandin, got the call but says he didn't believe the scammers.

"They were very cordial  and said, "Please call us at this number and have a nice day," but I thought it was all very odd. I realized if I was in trouble with the IRS, they would notify me by registered letter or something. They're not going to call and leave me a message on voice mail," said Strandin.

The BBB says never give our personal information over the phone.

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