Alex Pacheco - – Rockford’s News Leader

Alex Pacheco

Name: Alex Pacheco

High School:
Harlem High School

Favorite Teacher:
Mr. Scott Campbell

Favorite Class:
A.P. Chemistry

Lasting Memory of High School:
My favorite memory came from Honors Chemistry when a group of friends and I attempted to flash freeze a cell phone with liquid nitrogen. While it did not work, we froze everything else and even saw a triple point of liquid nitrogen.

Proudest Achievement(s):
I am most proud of reaching the rank of Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts. After five years, earning it came as a huge relief.

Plans for the Future:
My current plan is to attend MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the fall in order to earn a Bachelors in Physics. After that, I intend to go to graduate school to earn my Maters and eventual Doctorate in Theoretical Physics.

One Question to Ask Other Top Graduates:
If you could break any scientific law, which law would you break? I would break the Second Law of Thermodynamics in order to create systems and machines with perfect efficiency.
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