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Rockton trio sings National Anthem at Cincinnati Red's game

Three local girls take their talents to the big leagues-to sing.

Lydia, Grace, and Kameo Krienke have been singing with each other since they were toddlers.

"I've been singing ever since i was little with my sisters at church, and we always grew up singing and just loving to sing."

And it's that love that has provided them the opportunity to sing elsewhere.

"We've sang the National Anthem at multiple local places like the beloit snappers and the rockford river hawks....a bunch of, you know, little leagues,"
But today, a much larger crowd experienced their gift at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"We've sang at a bunch of places but nothing ever this big like major league baseball...It's pretty cool."
A few years back, Krienke's mom heard their original arrangement of the Star Spangle Banner and decided to send it in to sports franchises around the country.

When they actually got a call back from the Reds they couldn't wait to tell their friends.
"And i was like do you know who the Cincinnati Reds are?... And he was like please of course i do,"

And where their voices take them next is anybody's guess.

The girls say they aren't sure if they want to continue music in college but do say they hope to continue singing at church.

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