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Hononegah High School celebrates 90 years

February 12th, 1923-That was the official day that the then pronounced "hown-no-ne-gah" high school's original building was dedicated.

That building only cost 110 thousand dollars to construct and stood at about 38 thousand square feet This The current high school is about ten times its original size.

Previous students look back at the last 90 years of education.

Old sports jackets, indian princess dresses, and even first article clippings of the high school fill the newly dedicated alumni hallway.

For many walking the halls, it's like taking a trip down memory lane.

For Cornelia Green, class of 1955, her years at Hononegah remind her of family.

Her parents were the first to teach at hononegah.

"Nothing can replace a students own experiences of when they attended Hononegah," Green explains.

This 20-14 school year graduated 550 students.

Back in the early '40's, when Robert Lawhorn was a senior, 31 students walked.

"We had 7 classrooms, and a gym," Lawhorn explains

The school has expanded, many parts even unrecognizable.

But for Lawhorn, it's the strive for excellence pushed by his uncle, one of five original board members that still feels familiar.

"I can see that dream that Uncle K had. It was a start and it has continued."

The Hononegah Alumni Association says they hope to eventually open a small museum for the historic high school.

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