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Leigh Hartog

Name: Leigh Hartog

High School:
Freeport High School

Favorite Teacher:
Mrs. Cole

Favorite Class:
Advanced Placement European History

Lasting Memory of High School:
Walking out the door the last day of high school and realizing I was beginning my adult life.

Proudest Achievement(s):
Breaking the sectional 200 medley relay record with my teammates my sophomore year despite struggling with my individual events that year.

Plans for the Future:
I plan to attend Denison University for the next four years, pursuing a degree in Biology with a Neuroscience concentration. After that, I intend to attend medical school in order to one day become a practicing Neurologist.

One Question to Ask Other Top Graduates:
  If you know what you want to do for the rest of your life, how do you know you want to do it?
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