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Rockford Christian School teacher earns award on last day of school

On the last day of the school year, Rockford Christian's Mrs. Cheri White got the surprise of the year, when her sons, husband and I showed up in her classroom on the last day of school to award her with the Teacher of the Week honor.

"I absolutely adore these little people and just the joy that it brings me, just seeing them learn things and grow and develop into their little characters is more than enough for me, so that's really my motivation for what I do," says Rockford Christian junior kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Cheri White. "But when you get an award like this, it just really warms your heart because it's completely unexpected."

Her junior kindergarten class is as sweet as her South African accent. White and her family moved to the states in 2008. She's been teaching at Rockford Christian since 2010. She refers to her students as her little people and says keeping them focused takes a certain technique.

"The concentration span is that much shorter and so you have to have a lot of tricks up your sleeve," White says. "You have to be busy all the time. And really, the way to stay ahead is to be really well planned."

She says non-fiction learning was a big hit for this year's class and while the honor is the cherry on top of a great school year with her kids, it's hard for her to say goodbye.

"When people ask me how many children I have, I'll normally rattle off the number I have in my class," White says with a smile. "And they'll say, 'No your own children," because that's how it is. They are my all and my everything. They creep right in my heart. I carry them with me from the first day that I get them, to today when I let them go. Which is still hard for me to let them go, and I'll still check in on them."
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