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Hononegah High School teacher earns award in final days of school year

With only 13 days left out of the school year, not like anyone's counting, Hononegah High School's Ms. Kim Zdobylak is ending the year on top.
As a special education teacher, Zdobylak says she's wanted to help others since she was very young. Her grandfather was her inspiration.
"When I was younger, my grandfather was sick with Parkinson's disease, so I started working with him at home and reading with him, and we had to reteach him how to write, so once I started doing that with him that's what made me want to start working with other people," says Zdobylak.
She says her students require a different type of attention. Many of them don't necessarily love her right off the bat freshmen year, but as the years go on the relationships grow, creating an appreciation long after high school.
"I run into a lot of my students that have graduated and a lot of times they'll say, 'If only I had listened to you earlier instead of waiting till the end,'" she says. "But I've seen so many of them succeed even post high school, so I know what I'm doing in there I'm doing it right, so that's all that matters."
Zdobylak says all of the challenges are worth it. Each day brings something new, with lessons that she hopes will impact her students for a lifetime.
"The most important thing I think in being successful is relationships and respect," Zdobylak says. "Once you have those two things, any classroom can be successful, no matter what students you're working with, what age you're working with. It's all about relationships and respect."
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