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ANGIE'S LIST: Landscaping on a budget

ANGIE'S LIST (WREX) - April showers bring May flowers, and since may is finally here, it's time to prune those gardens and get landscaping.

"We're redesigning the entire yard on this older home," says homeowner, Bryan Nester. "We're accentuating some features that the home has, like these mature trees, as well as covering up some cosmetic issues that have been creeping up through the years."

Bryan Nester isn't alone. Whether you're just moving in or you've lived at your home for years, landscaping is a great way to add value to your home.

"We're not talking that you have to do big elaborate projects," says Angie Hicks, founder of Angie's List. "It's sometimes just the simple, basic things, well-manicured flower beds, a nicely done lawn. Adding trees to your property can really give you a nice return on investment."

Landscaping can be pricey, but to design on a dime, do it in phases. Maybe add the outdoor kitchen one year and the fire pit the next. When it comes to caring for your plants, landscaping contractor, Ken Hyatt, says not to care too much.

"Some of the common mistakes that I see homeowners make is either over watering or under watering in this area," Hyatt says. "In fact, a lot of times, when we install a new landscape, they try to take too good of care of them and they wind up over watering."

And for quick outdoor facelifts without breaking the bank, you can do a wonders with just $50.

"Install mulch in the beds, and that'll insulate the soil and hold in water," Hyatt says. "That'll also cut down on the amount of weeds. Another great thing in the springtime is to install flowers."

Investments in landscaping can add up to 14% to the value of your home.

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