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Boylan High School biology teacher experiments and earns Teacher of the Week award

ROCKFORD (WREX) - After graduating from college with plans to go to medical school, Boylan High School's Mrs. Amber Earlywine had a change of heart, and in her sixth year of teaching, is being honored with our Teacher of the Week award.

"I didn't go into teaching for the money or the fame, but certainly to make a difference," Earlywine says, as a biology and anatomy teacher at Boylan High School.

Making a difference is exactly what she's doing. Something that doesn't go unnoticed by her students.

"She makes it really obvious that she really cares about her students, and I like that in a teacher and i think most of the students do," says sophomore, Kate Way, who nominated Earlywine for the award.

After earning a degree in human biology from Michigan State, Earlywine had plans to go into medicine. That all changed once she stepped in the classroom. She says each day brings something new and exciting.

"My class has a reputation for being a tough challenging class, but I think that a lot of students rise to that challenge and I think that is most rewarding to see them accomplish something that they maybe didn't think they could do," Earlywine says.

Her students say she cares. Not just about biology and anatomy, but about them, both as students and athletes. She coaches swimming at Boylan, as well.

"Regardless of the subject material, regardless of if they like Biology or not, I hope that my heart and my caring for just their education shows through," Earlywine says.
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