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Creative Learners II Preschool teacher gives students solid foundation for learning


Think back to when you were four years old.  Life was filled with games, learning and the beginning of school.

"I think that it's real important at the beginning that they have a good basis and a good start and it's fun and they're learning and they love it," says Carol Palmer, a preschool teacher at Creative Learners II.

Palmer's been teaching preschool for 19 years and has finally earned a Teacher of the Week award, and it's well deserved. From science volcanos to using the imagination, Palmer's is all about creativity.

"We like that children can still have an imagination, and it's real important at this age that they're able to use their imagination," Palmer says.

Mrs. Palmer wants her class to be a solid foundation. Not just for her kids, but their parents too.

"I want to help families," Palmer says. "I want them to be successful at parenting, and so we have really close interaction. Our relationship as teachers to parents is very positive."

Her work with families leads to good work with her students, something she says is the best part of her day.

"They say the cutest things and they really lift your spirits," Palmer says. "And they really help you to see life through their eyes and it's really an adventure, and it's really special."

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