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Gold takes on new meaning for Fairview Early Childhood teacher


Gold takes on a different meaning for Fairview Early Childhood Center's, Ms. Sarah Meyers.

"I just believe in my students no matter if they can speak to me or not," Meyers says. "They have the ability of overcoming anything and becoming anything."

For Ms. Sarah Meyers, the Golden Apple Award is more than just a shiny trophy. It means her students are being heard.

"I'm thankful for my classroom to get the recognition that it deserves, so that the community will know that we're helping kids that are not your typical student, and they are learning and growing and they have a spot in this school district too," Ms. Meyers says.

As a pre-kindergarten autism teacher at Fairview Early Childhood Center, Meyers is constantly working to help her students grow and improve, not just in the classroom, but in life. She provides visual support for her students who may not be able to speak or learn at a usual pace. The Golden Apple Award, to her, is another step in giving her kids the life they deserve.

"Working with kids with autism has taught me that any growth, no matter how small, is growth and that we have to celebrate the milestones no matter if it's saying your first word or learning to read, they're all important," Meyers says.

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