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Washington Academy of Rockford teacher earns Golden Apple Award with a team effort


It was a golden moment, as Washington Academy's Mr. Joshua Rollins was awarded the Golden Apple, the Academy Award of teaching.

"It's icing on the cake," Mr. Joshua Rollins said. "I mean nobody goes into teaching for an award like this, but to be recognized by the community, I think it's just the hard work pays off, and I see that everyday with my kids, but to know other people see that too just means the world to me."

He got into teaching seven years ago, because of the kids, and he went on the journey to the Golden Apple thanks to a student, as well.

"A student took the time to nominate me and so I felt like I owed it to him," Rollins said. "But also I think just going through the process, letting the community into the classroom, that was one way to do that and that's important to me as well. It's important that people see the great things that we're doing here at Washington."

Rollins admits to the challenges as a fifth grade teacher, but says he loves it. It's a new experience every year. Each different class has different needs. The Golden Apple symbolizes that hard work put in, but Rollins insists it's not just him.

"I wish it came in pieces, because the fifth grade team here at Washington really makes me the teacher that I am and I've had their support through this whole process, and it's as much theirs as it is mine."

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