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Eastland Elementary teacher twists and shakes her way to a Teacher of the Week honor


Combine dancing, singing and teaching and that describes Eastland Elementary's Mrs. Sherry Callaway. After 30 years in the classroom, she is finally Teacher of the Week.

"I'm very proud and honored and I don't know what to say," Mrs. Callaway says. "I'm just shocked. I'm honored that I get to do something I've wanted to do since I was in first grade."

She's been teaching kindergarten for 19 years. A career she pursued because of her first grade teacher.

"She was wonderful, caring, loving," Callaway says. "She gave lots of hugs, but had a firm hand, and that's what I try to do. Give lots of hugs, but have a firm hand."

Callaway's quirkiness and quick wit keeps all of the teachers and students on their toes, but nothing sets her apart quite like her dance moves.

"We just dance. Close the door and dance," Mrs. Callaway laughs.

She gets the class twisting, jumping and moving like a choreographed dance team, in addition to the core learning. Lots of reading and counting to prepare them for the future. Mrs. Callaway's future will be different after this year, as she plans to retire from teaching.

"I'm going to travel and just spend a lot of time with my grand children. And that's probably it. And bug my husband," Callaway says.

It seems as though her personality won't be retiring anytime soon.

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