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Key expert testifies in Kody Walsh murder trial

Dr. Mark Peters Dr. Mark Peters
Kody Walsh Kody Walsh

The defense and prosecution rest their case in the Kody Walsh murder trial but it is not over.


The South Beloit Police Officer who chased Kody Walsh along 251 on September 9, 2012 testified. The state says that happened after Walsh shot Lori Daniels while riding in a SUV with her.

Walsh was the back seat passenger, Daniels was the front passenger.

The defense said the person who really pulled the trigger was the driver. Today, Dr. Mark Peters, the forensic scientist who conducted the autopsy, showed the court how Daniels was shot. One bullet went in behind her left ear, the other in the right forehead. The state said the angle proves Walsh shot Daniels while he was sitting behind her. Walsh maintains he is not guilty on all counts.


With the defense finishing its case it was Walsh's last chance to tell his side of the story. The judge asked him but he said he would not testify.


Closing arguments will be Monday morning. Then the jury will get the case.


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