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Brookview Elementary calls Teacher of the Week Award "completely unexpected"


Inspiration can come from anything. For Brookview Elementary's, Mrs. Addie Wilson, her passion to teach came from her husband.

"This is super exciting and completely unexpected," Mrs. Wilson says. "You just go to work everyday and try your hardest to inspire them to be the best citizens they can be."

The expected part was earning the Teacher of the Week award in only her first year as a third grade teacher at Rockford's Brookview Elementary. Wilson started her career in the state's attorney's office, but her husband was the game changer. He was the teacher. After volunteering with his students in his classroom, Wilson headed back to school, to follow in his footsteps, to pursue her new love for teaching.

"My favorite part about teaching is getting to know the students and getting to know their backgrounds and their interest and integrating that into the classroom and kind of taking their life experiences and building on them," Wilson says.

Now with a Teacher of the Week award in hand, Wilson says everyday brings something new. Right now her class is working with science and technology, trying to use their classroom skills to explore the world around them.

"I try to everyday integrate technology into the classroom curriculum and bring in their own viewpoints, so I make sure they're always collaborating with each other and working with small groups and teams, so they can problem solve and work things out together," she says.

Keeping ideas and lessons fresh, on the journey through third grade.

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