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City of Rockford issues alert for frozen pipes


This winter's bitter cold means no water for many Rockford residents.

Public Works Director Tim Hanson says the City has received about 90 calls for no water that turned out to be the result of frozen pipes. The City and its contractors have dug up approximately 70 water lines so far to thaw out pipes and restore water service to homes and businesses.

The frigid temperatures mean the frost line is as deep as five feet. Normally, it's around three feet. Water Superintendent Tim Holdeman says the city's water mains and services are usually buried around five-and-a-half to six feet deep, but are sometimes even shallower.

The City is encouraging residents to take the following steps to prevent frozen pipes and water lines:

  • Temporarily keep a steady drip of cold water at an inside faucet, farthest from the water meter. Moving water means pipes are less likely to freeze
  • Open the cupboard doors under sinks (especially if plumbing is in exterior walls) to let warm air heat the pipes
  • Shut off your water if you're going to be gone for an extended period of time and leave your heat set at at least 55 degrees. Also, unplug your water softener so it won't regenerate. You can call Customer Service at 815-987-5700 to have your water turned off at the meter.
  • Call the Water Division at 815-987-5700 if you suspect your service is frozen or notice a leak.
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