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Empire Elementary teacher retires on a high note


Mrs. Barbara Searby wanted to retire on a memorable note. Thanks to her third grader, Asher Kubly, the Teacher of the Week award, will be hard to forget.

"She's not a teacher that says get this done now. Get this done fast. I'm not going to help you," third grader, Asher Kubly, says. "She says try to take your time and if you need help I'll help you."

After working as a bilingual coordinator, a principal and now a third grade teacher, Searby will say goodbye to the classroom at the end of the school year, something she'll miss dearly.

"Teaching is hard work and you're always searching for the right thing that will help your students," Searby says.

Searby says don't expect to throw her a big retirement party, though. She plans to spend time with her eight grandchildren, but isn't saying goodbye to Empire Elementary for good.

"I don't want a cake because that means closure and I don't want closure," she says. "I still want to be here, so I'm still going to be here in the hallways and I'm still going to be around so I don't want a cake."

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