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911 tape released in missing baby Kayden case


BELOIT (WREX) --- The 911 tape from missing baby Kayden has been released. Listen to the full audio in the video above.

Kayden's mother Brianna Marshall made the call very early last Thursday morning.  In the call, Marshall told the dispatcher that she woke up in her bed and found a knife next to the bed. 

Brianna said she had no idea how it got there and that her son is missing.  As the dispatcher hears that her sister was there when the baby went to bed and is now gone, he asked Brianna where her sister Kristen Smith is.  She said she called her already, "I called her and she is bawling her eyes out and told me to call the cops." 

The dispatcher asked if Kristen would have taken the baby and Brianna replied, "she wouldn't take my son."

Police later arrested Marshall's half-sister, Kristen Smith, as she was driving through Iowa on her way home to Denver.  Smith had visited the new parents the night before.

It wasn't until Friday morning that the local police chief found the crying infant near a gas station, left outdoors in a plastic tote bin.

Smith faces a federal kidnapping charge. If convicted, Smith could face a maximum sentence of life in prison. You can read a full copy of the complaint here: http://bit.ly/1nh5QFS. And Kayden is back in the arms of his parents.

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