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Lincoln Middle School teacher focuses on healthy future, good decisions


Making good decisions can set you up for the future.

"Would they be happy with that decision? Would you be proud of yourself or disappointed in yourself," Mr. Dave Siriann asks his students. "If the answer is your family would be disappointed in you, then you're making the wrong decision."

That's Mr. Dave Siriann's mission as a health teacher at Lincoln Middle School in Rockford. His message rings loud and clear, as he's honored him with the Teacher of the Week award.

"If they can decide today that they're going to make good choices today, then when that peer pressure is on and the refusal skills that I teach them are needed, then they will know how to respond," Siriann says.

Often health class is paired with physical well being, but with his background in Psychology, Siriann focuses on the mental aspects as well, keeping an open dialogue in class about topics such as going to college, saying no to drugs and making well thought-out decisions.

"I talk for the information, but then I let them talk, and we discuss it," Siriann says. "We talk about how they can make the best choices for them."

Those conversations are what keep him coming back, excited to teach, every day.

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