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Winnebago snowmobilers ride to rescue of stranded drivers


As first responders prepare for another night of treacherous weather and bad roads so do a group of volunteer snowmobilers. The Winnebago club rode to the rescue of at least one broken down motorists last night and they are ready to do it again. During the blizzard of 2011 the Win-Bur-Sew Fire Protection District asked a group of snowmobilers if they could help rescue stranded motorists. They did it again last night.


"Out by Conger and Kelly Road some people got stuck. They actually had an IDOT truck there to pull them out and the IDOT truck got stuck," says David DeRosso, Winnebago SnoGliders, president.


That's when two members of the Winnebago SnoGliders jumped into action. Groups of snowmobilers took shifts at the Win-Bur-Sew Fire Department all night waiting to help. This was the scene during the February 2011 blizzard when they also were on stand-by. DeRosso says last night his guys rescued two people and took them home.


"I know that the people Alex Hazzard and Joe Schmidt picked up last night on the snowmobiles they were pretty happy someone was able to come out and get back," says DeRosso.


The help the snowmobile team gave was not just on their sleds. On his way to wait-out his on-call shift DeRosso ended up using his truck to get drivers out of the snow.


"I pulled out 5 vehicles myself last night then it got so bad I parked my truck," says DeRosso.


Win-Bur-Sew firefighters trained the riders on how to help in a rescue. So far this is only the second time the snowmobilers have assisted the department. But they will be ready to go again tonight.


"If they need us they will give us a call and we will be out there helping them."


The Win-Bur-Sew Fire District says the riders also checked out almost a dozen abandoned vehicles saving the fire department from sending out crews and plows unnecessarily.

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