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Winnebago High school geometry teacher equals perfect solution for weekly honor


Earning the Teacher of the Week award takes a special equation, but with the help of one of his students, Winnebago High School geometry teacher, Mr. Roger Anderson, has solved it.

After struggling with math as a student, Anderson is determined to use his experience to help his class succeed.

"It helps because I can almost predict what they're going to have an issue with, then different ways to look at that same issue," Anderson says. "If something comes very naturally, I think it's then harder to explain the different ways of looking at it."

One of Anderson's students actually recognized his efforts in the classroom, helping him earn our Teacher of the Week award.

"He's fun," Bryan Mulrooney, a sophomore in Mr Anderson's class, says. "He makes math a class that you want to go to. Usually math class isn't that fun, but he makes it that way."

Anderson agrees that math can get boring, that's why he uses the smart board, as much as he can, and even some cheesy jokes.

"I try to use humor when I can and get them more interacted with one another," Mr. Anderson says. "It helps with some of the mundane mathematics that sometimes a math room really is."

So while you're trying to solve this equation, don't forget the students. Anderson says they, complete the mathematic story.

"It's a joy to watch them learn and to be able to pass on my knowledge and just to work with them on a daily basis is a real joy," he says.

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