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TEACHER OF THE WEEK: Highland Elementary teacher makes reading a priority


Kindergarten is the foundation of learning. Mrs. Jacqui Goodman gets to be a part of that, every day, as a kindergarten teacher at Highland Elementary in Stillman Valley.

Mrs. Jacqui Goodman is awarded our Teacher of the Week honor, thanks to a student, just a small piece of the puzzle that makes up her classroom at Highland Elementary, a place near and dear to her heart.

"I used to help teacher's aid a first grade class in high school and this is her classroom," Jacqui Goodman explains. "And little did I know, twelve years later, I would have my classroom be this room in this building."

In her eighth year as a kindergarten teacher, Goodman says the little ones make everyday special.

"It's fun because everyday they come in wanting to learn, and spunky, full of energy, and just the knowing that we get to teach them to read and write is so rewarding," Goodman says.

Reading and writing is key in kindergarten, and they love it, just as much as they love Mrs. Goodman, even after they leave her class.

"I still have students in first and second grade that come and give me hugs every morning," she says. "I cherish that."

She says she'll cherish this award, forever.

"I'm just completely blown away and very humbled that somebody thought that I should deserve this," Goodman says. "It's exciting and we are making a difference!"

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