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St. James teacher earns a holly jolly Teacher of the Week honor


Elementary school is often known for its fair share of art projects, our Teacher of the Week, Mrs. Mikki Yates' classroom, is no different.

"I loved my kindergarten teacher and I always wanted to be a teacher all my life so I just followed my dreams," says Mrs. Mikki Yates, a 1st grade teacher at St. James School.

39 years later, she wouldn't change a thing. After spending time as a preschool, kindergarten, and 2nd grade teacher, she's now happy with her first graders, who for the past few weeks, have been all about the holidays.

The class has been making is construction paper Santa Claus'. It's a class art project for the holidays.

"I try to make it very important for the kids that they take the responsibility for their own thinking and their actions," Yates says. "And I just try and give them clues, so they have to really think about the answers."

From handmade turkeys for Thanksgiving, to nativity sets in just a few weeks, Mrs. Yates always has a creative idea up her sleeve, and she doesn't plan to stop anytime soon.

"I enjoy this job so much and I'm glad to come every day and it's nice to know that the kids and the parents really appreciate the work that we put into this, so it's been really fantastic," she says.

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