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Handwritten letter earns Rolling Green teacher weekly honor


Getting a hand-written letter in the mail is a pleasant surprise in today's technology-driven world. Rolling Green Elementary's, Mrs. Brandie Fago, not only got a written note, but a Teacher of the Week Award to go with it.

"My students mean the world to me and for them to think to write a letter saying I'm the best is wonderful," Mrs. Fago says.

Morgen Wilson, one of Fago's 5th graders, put pen to paper to write a Teacher of the Week nomination letter, and it worked. She says Mrs. Fago deserves it.

"She makes a hard activity into a fun learning lesson," Wilson says.

Fago credits her success to her fellow teachers, but the kids agree it's her personality, including her singing.

"I'll sing anything," Fago laughs. "From the Beastie Boys, to the new pops now to country."

To her, she's American Idol's worst singer, but to her kids, she's a star. She recently taught a plate tectonic project, with candy bars, swapping out real lava, for caramel.

"They'd says, Mrs. Fago! The lava is oozing out of the candy bar," Fago says. "Or we'd smash the candy bar back together and they'd say, 'Look it's making a volcano."

It's all part of a job that's just as sweet as the center of that milky way.

"From the kid that finally gets something, and you see that light bulb on and they're like, 'Oh, I get it,' to someone that just had a bad day and needs a mother figure the

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