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St. Rita Catholic School music teacher hits high note as Teacher of the Week


It takes a certain skill level and the perfect pitch to be a music teacher. St. Rita Catholic School's, Mr. Jeremy Toledo, hits the right high note, with our Teacher of the Week Award.

"My high school band director was a huge influence on my as far as getting into music," Jeremy Toledo says.

After starting his musical journey back in junior high, Toledo has come full circle. Now he's the influential music teacher at St. Rita's Catholic School, along with two other schools in the area.

"I try to keep music as a little more of a relax of their day, because they have so much going on already with other subjects and you so they can just come here, have a good time singing music, playing music," he says. "You know, hopefully it helps relieve some of their day than add to their stress."

His classroom is more like a studio or a place for the kids to try out something new, experience an instrument or even make a project. When I was there. They were creating commercials to show how music can be heard everywhere in life, especially on TV.

"He's always active," says one of his students. "And he always wants to do fun things. He's not just like a normal music teacher. He always wants to do fun stuff."

"He actually makes you play with the instruments and he's active, fun, and he's always really nice to us. I respect him," another student says.

His main goal is get students excited about music, then maybe some will be inspired to be a music teacher as well.

"Students will start an instrument then you can see them as they get better at it and they enjoy it and builds their confidence," Toledo says. It's pretty neat."

Toledo also makes it an effort to help students outside of the classroom. On December 14, Toledo will help host "Frontiers Performs a Night of Trans-Siberian Orchestra" at Boylan High School at 2:00 p.m. All proceeds from the show will go toward a scholarship program that provides tuition, instrument repair, and other needs. Last year, 22 students were helped by the program. Tickets for the show are $10 and are available at St. James Rockford.

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