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Holy Family Catholic first-year teacher earns weekly honor


Most first-year teachers are just hoping to survive and get used to the classroom, But one Holy Family Catholic School teacher is proving to do more than just get by.

"We wrote it up together during study hall time," says Sophia Robles, a 7th grader at Holy Family Catholic. "And we went to another room to type it so she wouldn't see it. And we surprised her, and I think she really likes it."

Like, would be an understatement. Mrs. Kaitlyn Hanley, along with her entire 7th grade Social Studies class, exploded with excitement, when she was given the Teacher of the Week award, from two of her own students.

"They told me they were thinking about doing it," Hanley says. "I didn't think they were going to. I can't believe it. I'm not even that great of teacher yet. I'm just getting there."

Her fresh career didn't stop Sophia Robles and John Jaworowski from pulling together to honor her, during her first year as a teacher. She's already had a big impact in her short time at Holy Family Catholic.

"She's always positive," John Jaworowski, says about his teacher. "She's never grumpy. Always positive attitude."

Mrs. Hanley says what keeps her classroom exciting is making learning fun, but she knows how to get down to business when it's necessary.

"So if it's getting a little too out of hand, then you have to bring it back in, but we do a lot of in class activities, a lot of projects, so we get to work with one another, so we just like to have fun," Hanleys says.

Having fun with history is her ultimate goal. Getting kids excited about the subject makes it all worth while for her.

"I love the kids," she says. "I like seeing how excited they get when you walk into a room, give you hugs. You wouldn't think in junior high that they're still giving you hugs, but they are."

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