Southern Illinois jails allow e-cigarettes - – Rockford’s News Leader

Southern Illinois jails allow e-cigarettes


White and Saline counties in southern Illinois are allowing the inmates in their respective jails to use electronic cigarettes.

Officials in Franklin, Wabash, and Williamson counties are considering allowing their inmates to use the nicotine-infused vapor inhalers as well. The e-cigarettes are considered a replacement for traditional cigarettes, which are often banned from jails.

White County jail administrator Randy Cobb said inmate morale has been raised at his facility and contraband has slowed. He believes all counties will eventually adopt the practice. An administrator at Saline County Jail said they have not had any problems.

However, the American Lung Association in Illinois is against the idea, saying it is "deeply troubled" by the facilities using e-cigarettes to make money.

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