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Rockton Grade School teacher proves you're never too old for a career change


It hasn't been a cookie cutter career path for Mrs. Emily Dummer.

"I had an art therapy degree, with an emphasis in psychology, and then I decided that I wanted to go to school for teaching," Rockton Grade School 1st grade teacher, Emily Dummer, says.

At the age of 40, she became a teacher, an unlikely age to make a drastic career change. But Dummer says she did it for the kids. Since she never had any of her own, she considers her students, part of her family.

"I always have a story, and the kids always have something to bring to me and teach me about too," Dummer says. "So it's a going back and forth kind of thing. It's not just me teaching them. They teach me things too."

She uses humor to keep learning fun for her first graders, along with computer games and reading groups, but Principal Glenn Terry, on the other hand, notices her kindness. Her relationship with the students and parents is what sets her apart.

"They see the level of caring she has for their kids, and the amount of communication between her and the parents is amazing, and parents realize that and recognize that she cares about their kids and she's another parent for their kids here," Principal Glenn Terry says.

Dummer says she's blessed and encourages everyone to follow their heart. It's never too late to try something new.

"So any people who are wanting to go back to school when they're in their upper years, go for it," she says. "This is the best!"

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