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Candle makers shed light on the community

Candle crest hopes some hometown creations will put out the flame started by some unfavorable lists Rockford has made.

For candle crest owners, Judy and Dave Bieck, the latest batch of candles isn't just going to brighten someone's home, they believe it has potential to brighten a community; one they feel really needs it.

"Forbes magazine named Rockford the third most miserable city to live in," says Judy Bieck.

That title didn't settle well with the Biecks.

"It really crawled under my skin this year because if we're not part of the solution, we are part of the problem," Bieck says.

So their solution? The Rockford candle of positivity. They are selling the candles and giving part of the profit to local charities.

"We are giving 50 % of profits back into the community," Bieck says.

In just 3 days over 200 candles have been made and stocked in retailers around the area, lighting the way for more positivity, starting with the Rock River Valley Pantry.

The Biecks hope the message of the candle won't just be a flicker but an ongoing flame in peoples minds.
"We really hope the Rockford candle will urge other businesses or individuals in the community to do something to make it a better place," Bieck says.

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