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Ghost hunters release video from Rockford Tinker Swiss investigation

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WI/IL Paranormal Investigation Team releases video from its Tinker Swiss Cottage investigation WI/IL Paranormal Investigation Team releases video from its Tinker Swiss Cottage investigation

If there's something strange, in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? The Wisconsin-Illinois Paranormal Investigation Team. Doesn't have quite the same ring as the "Ghostbusters" theme, but that's who administrators at Rockford's Tinker Swiss Cottage called in to check out rumors the place is haunted. The group just released results of its investigation.

"When I first started working here everybody kept asking me, 'is the place haunted?' And I said, 'I don't know.'" says Steve Litteral, Tinker Swiss Cottage Executive Director. He's been with the cottage for 6 years, and has seen some strange things.

The building has a long history in Rockford. Construction started in 1865. It was finished in 1883. Rockford businessman, and eventual mayor,Robert Tinker, lived and died there on his 88th birthday. Since then, people have reported weird things happening. Steve's experienced some of it.

"It sounds like somebody's in the house but you know you're the only one in here. It's not like "Beetlejuice". They're not popping out of the walls or anything," Steve says.

But that doesn't make what people report hearing, and seeing, any less creepy. That's where the Wisconsin-Illinois paranormal investigation team comes in. The group's founder, Laura Baker, actually started volunteering at the cottage because of her interest in history. She eventually got the OK to bring in her team.

"What we're dealing with here at Tinker Swiss Cottage we believe is something intelligent - something that knows where you're at - and is watching you," says Baker.

The group just posted a nearly half hour video showing pieces of its Tinker investigation. In one clip, a camera seems to move on its own. In others, investigators seem to get a response on one of their meters that measures electromagnetic activity.

Baker says, "I think often times what we're seeing is they're just trying to live their life in here and a lot of times they're going to do it hoping that you're not going to hear them or see them."

We're not saying whether this is real or not. You can decide for yourself. Check out the whole video at the Wisconsin-Illinois Paranormal Investigation Team website. The group is also running a contest to join members on an investigation. To enter find the "WIPIT" Facebook page.

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