Both sides of Illinois same sex marriage debate to rally - – Rockford’s News Leader

Both sides of Illinois same sex marriage debate to rally this week


Both opponents and supporters of same sex marriage in Illinois are getting ready for another push in the Illinois Legislature.

Supporters will gather in Springfield for a march and rally on Tuesday, marking the first day of the Legislature's fall session. Governor Pat Quinn and other supporting lawmakers are expected to take part.

A group of Rockford supporters will travel to the rally on Tuesday morning. The group will consist of members from several area churches, advocates, allies, and members of the local GLBT community.

For the opposing side, a prayer rally is scheduled for Wednesday. Radio ads recorded by a group of African American clergy urged listeners to call lawmakers and ask them to vote against same sex marriage.

The legislation was approved by the Illinois Senate in February, but it didn't come up for a vote in the House before the spring session ended. The bill's sponsor said at the time there was not enough support to pass it.

It is not yet clear if a vote will happen during the fall session.

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