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McIntosh teacher follows in family's footsteps


We get a lot of Teacher of the Week nominations from students' parents, but not often from a teacher's parent. But this week, we're switching things up, as we surprised McIntosh Elementary's Miss Allison Free, with the Teacher of the Week honor, from her dad.

"I'm kind of surprised, because usually he just lets my mom do all the stuff," Ms. Allison Free says. "I'm kind of surprised he just did this on his own and did not tell any of us, at all."

Miss Free teaches fourth grade at McIntosh Elementary, another addition to the Free family teaching tree, considering her grandpa, brother and sister-in-law are all teachers as well.

"I remember I was six years old, Christmas, and I got this school kit," Free says. "I had this chalkboard hanging up and the pointer and from then on I just always wanted to be a teacher. Always."

In her two years at McIntosh, Free's made a big impact. She's pushed for uniform donations for students, and has used Face book to help earn money for her classroom, all in an effort to help her kids have the best learning experience.

"Anything like that, I'm willing to do, because I know these kids need it ten times more than I would ever need," Free says.

And while dad nominates her for awards, her mom's there along the way, to help out in the classroom.

"When they were younger, I just always loved doing the room mother things," Cheryl Free says. "And so now, it's just like 'Oh yay! I get to keep going!"

Continuing on with the family tradition.

"I wouldn't do anything else," Allison Free says. "This is the one thing I want to do with my life. I enjoy coming to work everyday. I never have a day that I don't want to. Some days are harder than others, but I love it."

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