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Discovery Channel's "Storm Chasers" Mobile Doppler at WIU


Meteorology students at Western Illinois University are getting a first hand look at what the professionals use to chase down the big storms.

The mobile Doppler on Wheels, or "D.O.W." from the Discovery Channel's "Storm Chasers" is on the WIU campus.

The vehicle is used to storm chase during tornado and hurricane seasons.

Students will use the vehicle's high tech equipment to help them gain better knowledge of how storms work.

"While the information in the textbook is good, it didn't start there, it started out here. It started out here with the atmosphere and I want them to use state of the art equipment to measure some of that atmospheric phenomena to see what the atmosphere is actually doing," said WIU Geography Professor Redina Herman.

The DOW will also visit some neighboring high schools.

A public presentation of the DOW will be held on September. 30th at 6 p.m. in the University Union at WIU

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