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Oregon Elementary teacher's extra effort is recognized with Teacher of the Week award


It was a complete surprise for Oregon Elementary first grade teacher, Mrs. Holly Peterson, when she was awarded the Teacher of the Week honor. Someone who wasn't surprised? One of her students.

Michael Jacinto has diabetes and often has to leave class to manage it, but with preparations over the summer, Mrs. Peterson made sure Michael felt comfortable and was ready to take on the school year in a new class. The Jacintos wanted to make sure Peterson was recognized for the extra effort.

"I'm very touched that they feel we have a bond," Mrs. Peterson says.

But that's just the beginning of what really sets her apart. Her attention to detail, and ability to keep things fun in class, make her kids excited to learn.

"I try to have a lot of fun with the kids," Peterson says. You still have to be the teacher. You can't always have fun. You still have to enforce the rules, but we try to do it by having fun and by still doing a lot of activity in the room."

That learning often seems like playtime.

"We like to move around and get silly, and sometimes they don't even know they're learning," Peterson says.

Something that Principal Ann Tilton says shouldn't go unnoticed.

"These teachers work night and day," Principal Tilton says. "They work summer breaks. They work Christmas breaks. They go so above and beyond, and I think it is so important that the public sees that, and that they recognize our teachers for the work they do, and I think Holly is the epitome of that, and I think it's fantastic. I'm excited for her!"

If you know a deserving teacher, like Mrs. Peterson, please let us know! WREX Teacher of the Week nominations can be filled out at wrex.com on our Teacher of the Week page.


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