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UPDATED: Former Rockford resident glad Boston manhunt is over, still apprehensive

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Alison Bullock on 13News January 2012. Alison Bullock on 13News January 2012.
Alison Bullock Alison Bullock

A former WREX employee, now Boston resident, just wants to know why an attack like this happened. Alison Bullock used to anchor for 13 Sports. She's now employed at New England Sports Network in Watertown, Massachusetts, but lives about a half hour away from there. She says law enforcement did an excellent job capturing the suspect. Alison's glad the manhunt's ended, but she's still apprehensive about the threat being over.

"You just don't know how far it reaches, how many other people were involved, if he had maybe planted something else throughout Watertown because he's been eluding the police all day." -she tells us over the phone.

Alison just moved there a month ago, but says after this week, she misses life in the Midwest.


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The scenes of violence and SWAT teams near Boston have a former Rockford resident and WREX sports anchor on guard. Alison Bullock now lives and works in the area where the whole world is watching

Bullock was our weekend sports anchor in 2011 to early 2012. She now works in Watertown, Massachusetts and lives about 30 minutes from there. She had just left her newsroom last night when word got out about the shooting of a police officer.

"Everything was relatively normal. I mean there was the incident at 10:30 in Cambridge which is the next town over to Watertown. But at the time we heard MIT Police Officer shot and killed, no one had any idea that could have been related to the marathon bombing," says Bullock.

By midnight the New England Sports Network (NESN), where Bullock works, is in downtown Watertown. It was put into lock down around midnight. Police told the people in the newsroom they needed to stay locked inside as the search for the marathon bombing suspect turned into a manhunt.

"It's just a lot of activity, very chaotic and it's a little disconcerting I will say," says Bullock.

Bullock describes Watertown as a suburb of Boston similar to how Naperville is to Chicago with a lot of family homes and small businesses.

"I'm still in disbelief and still in shock that this happened. The reporters are on there talking about just for reference we're here right by the Panera and the Chipotle, I'm like those are the places I go to take my lunch break from work," says Bullock.

Alison lives about half an hour from Watertown with her husband and one-year-old daughter. She and her family now wait for word everything is safe.

"It's tough knowing that unknown is out there. I feel like its very possible that he could be out of Watertown and at that point that's scary to know he could be anywhere," says Bullock.

Bullock's colleagues were allowed to leave their office around noon but say everyone in the area is being told to stay in their homes for now.

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