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Golden Apple: East High School teacher follows in mother's golden footsteps


They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. In this case, that apple's golden. Not only is East High School's Ms. Kathryn Linden receiving a Golden Apple, but she's following in her mother's footsteps.

While her mom received gold in the past for her teaching success, now Kathryn is right there beside her, as she receives her 2013 Golden Apple Award.

"I come from a family of educators, and teaching has just been a dream, and I'm living it," says Kathryn Linden.

And she means it. Linden teaches English at East High School in Rockford and says she can't imagine doing anything else. She focuses on targeting her lessons so they relate to her student's everyday lives, making it easier for them to learn and appreciate English.

"Everyday I look forward to coming to work, because I work with amazing students who inspire me to be a better person," Linden says. "So teaching is a way for me to learn more about myself and how to help our future leaders."

Her passion for teaching is captured by her beaming smile and the support from her family. Mom, dad and her brother made the surprise extra special, something she says she'll never forget.

"I am so excited," she says. "I don't know what to say right now. This is a dream come true."

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